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Looks like I'm done with my schedule. I'm taking advanced Japanese language class (5 lessons per week) and 9 more classes (each one has one lesson per week). Comparing to U of T it sounds like way too much, but the course load is different here. Classes in Japan are not so intensive as in Canada and there is relatively little homework.

When choosing the classes I had to consider AIKOM exchange program rules, according to which I'm required to take certain amount of classes that are taught in English especially for AIKOM students.

Here are my classes:
- Japanese language
- Dynamics of Japanese Cultural History
- Aspects of Japanese Society
- Special Relay Lectures
- Reading Japanese Novels
- Japan in the World from the mid-19th century to the Present
- 言語情報科学基礎論 (something like introduction to linguistics)
- ことばと文化 (comparative literature class)
- 比較文化基礎論演習 (class about literary translations)
- 言語態理論 (reading Joseph Konrad's novel "Heart of Darkness")

The purpose of the last class is to read "Heart of Darkness" in original, that is in English. I'm the only foreign student in that class. For Japanese students the difficult part is to understand the meaning of the English text, for me the difficult part is to understand professor's explanations in Japanese. I found that it really works for me and helps me to improve my Japanese. Plus, I wanted to read Joseph Konrad anyway.