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No Japanese class for me?!

Ну, вот, по результатам теста и собеседования мне сказали, что у меня слишком высокий уровень языка, и классы, которые предусмотрены для приехавших по обмену студентов, мне не подходят. Между тем, я вовсе не чувствую себя таким уж профи, сегодня, вот, в поликлинике без переводчика объясниться не смогла. Еще один парень оказался в сходном со мной положении и тоже очень хочет заниматься языком. В офисе программы обмена нам сказали, что попытаются открыть для нас двоих еще один класс, но будут ли они это делать?...

I'm just so frustrated that I can hardly write this entry. Today we found the results for the Japanese language test and the interview. There are three Japanese language classes in Tokyo University for the exchange students. One is for the beginners (I'm surprised how many students came to Tokyo University without ever taking any Japanese class), one for the Intermediate and one for the Advanced level. After the interview I was a little bit worrying that they will put me to the Intermediate class because my speech was far from perfect.

It turned out that me and two other guys were graded as post-advanced level, and there is no class for us. But I absolutely do not feel as a post-advanced! The classes that are taught in Japanese are very hard for me, and though I'm taking a few of them I totally need more language training.

One of the other two "post-advanced" guys is Chinese, and he is so fluent in Japanese that he indeed doesn't need language class. Another one is from Italy, and his level of language is exactly the same as mine; so he also wants to attend the language class. They told us in the exchange program office that they might open one more language class just for two of us, but will they really do it? :(

The literature class taught for exchange students in English made me sad even more. I've read every single novel that was in the syllables, and most of them we've discussed in the U of T class. What should I do?

I feel like I'm exactly in between of the other exchange students and Japanese students (and quite far from both groups). My level of knowledge is too high for the (more or less introductory) classes taught for the exchange students, but my language does not allow me to fully engage in the usual classes taught for Japanese students. What should I do?