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Back to Canada

Today I am going back to Canada for spring vacation. Will come back to Japan at the end of March.

Сегодня возвращаюсь на каникулы в Канаду. Встречайте!


Анечка, уже ждем! :)
До скорой встречи!
Спасибо! До встречи!
Мягкой посадки! :)
Hi there! :)

I was searching on things for exchanges to Tokyo University and came across your LJ.

I was just wondering if you happen to be this year (2008-2009)'s nominee for the AIKOM at Komaba program? If so, I would really appreciate it if we could chat briefly/even meet up; I'm a student at UofT now and I might be your 後輩 for next year's AIKOM program (2009-2010) ^^ Would love to hear more about the program and everything else! If you have time, please give me a shoutout at my email address yishhed@gmail.com. Thanks!!
Hi! I sent you email, did you receive it? I am in Toronto now, you can give me a call. I am happy to meet you and tell you about AIKOM, Tokyo and whatever else you want to know.
See you!

Edited at 2009-02-16 04:02 pm (UTC)